Welcome to MyCurves! I started this blog because I truly want every person to feel good about themselves and how they look. Well-fitting clothing that we like goes a long way toward making us feel good about ourselves. So does taking care of our bodies in other ways.

MyCurves is a blog about living with a curvy body. Whether you are plus-sized or not, clothing manufacturers generally do not cater to the hourglass shape. This is a blog about clothing, lingerie, and accessories for curvy women of all sizes. (Curvy men are great too, but as I am not a curvy man, that’s not within the scope of this blog. Check out Chubstr.)

MyCurves has a feminist, anti-racist outlook. Therefore, no comments that promote sexism or racism or any other kind of bigotry will be accepted. It is also the view of this site that every woman’s body exists only for her own purposes and desires. Comments indicating otherwise (for example, comments advocating that women should adopt a behavior because it is pleasing to men) are not welcome.

MyCurves is body-positive and supports the philosophy of Health At Every Size. So, while discussions about how weight changes have affected our bodies, clothing sizes, etc. are welcome here, MyCurves is not a  diet or weight loss blog. I choose not to link to blogs that are primarily about dieting or weight loss, or that have entries that are body-negative. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you, or that I don’t like your blog, it just means that I am careful about the kind of messages I want to send/endorse.


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