About My Curves

Hi, I’m Ms. Pris, and MyCurves is my blog about clothing, lingerie, skin care, fitness, and generally living with a curvy body. MyCurves is a place where I write about clothing and body issues, and I hope to network with other women dealing with the issues of lingerie and clothing for the curvy body. This isn’t really a fashion blog, as I’m not a fashionista, but it might end up being a bit of a style blog, as I think personal style trumps fashion any day of the week. I also expect I’ll be writing a bit about skin care, as it’s a personal passion of mine. I also have naturally curly hair and sometimes I write about hair care.

MyCurves is a body-positive endeavor, open to people of all sizes, and embracing the philosophy of Health At Every Size. MyCurves is most resolutely not a weight loss blog! I am passionate about nutrition, but I think dieting for weight loss is an unhealthful endeavor.

Whose curves? Well, those would be mine. At the moment, I am sort of on the edge of plus sized: I wear a small or medium in most t-shirts, and I haven’t bought a tailored shirt in a long time (due to the eponymous curves being an issue.) I wear a size 14 or 16 in pants and skirts depending on the cut and what time of the month it is/what I’ve been eating lately/if I’ve been taking my thyroid medication like I should. I wear a 34H in most bras, 34GG in those that are generously cut.

I have a relatively small waist compared to large breasts and wide hips. Not just wide hips, but a really, really big butt. It projects outward behind me. It’s a quite attractive butt, in my opinion, but it does make clothes-shopping very difficult. If my butt was smaller in proportion to my waist, I would probably not be in plus sizes.

I have hypothyroid disease, which means my weight is changing a lot right now as I optimize my treatment. So, I am reluctant to spend much at all on new clothes, or to buy a lot of them, as my size changes often.  I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, and in general these days I dress very casually, since I’m in school and there’s usually no need for me to dress up: most days, my clothes get smeared with charcoal and paint and clay.  I do enjoy dressing up though, and I love excuses to do so 🙂

On Amazon.com I write reviews under the handle “mymaryjanes”. The handle refers to the iconic Mary Jane style of shoe, which I adore. Unfortunately, when Amazon combined endless.com with Amazon fashion, all of my shoe reviews were lost. I will probably recreate some of them here.


4 thoughts on “About My Curves

  1. Your body type sounds exactly like mine, with the round butt and all! And I have a thyroid disorder also…interesting! Great reading, thanks

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