Superbra Autumn/Winter 2013 Looks Amazing!

I’ve just had a look at Panache Superbra’s upcoming A/W 2013 collection, and I am thrilled!

For years, I thought I was a person who just couldn’t wear Panache lingerie. For most of Panache’s history, it seems they’ve focused on wide, shallow cups and wide center gores. I tried a few Panache bras early on (such as the Tango and the Eliza, neither of which worked out for me) and kind of gave up. Eventually I found the Cleo Sasha, which was a good fit but had features I didn’t like (narrow straps, narrow band, and very flimsy underwire casing.) I learned that there were a few Panache bras I could wear, but not a lot of them.

When Panache released the Andorra, I was smitten. Here was a bra that fit me better than any I had yet encountered (although Empreinte bras had this honor a few years ago, my breasts grew and I sized out of Empreinte, so by “me” I mean “my current breasts”.)  Instead of wide, shallow cups, I had narrower cups with a lot of height, giving me a great deal of support and lift, a natural (not too round) shape, and an inner sling helping to move my boobs forward. Plus, although it is classed as a “full cup”, the fit is more like a balconet. The Andorra has its own share of problems: too-narrow straps being my only major complaint, but for awhile, it has been my favorite bra.

I also like the, Panache Emily, a continuity style that Panache doesn’t seem to give much attention to. It’s another narrow style with side support panels, made with really high-quality fabrics, and I love it, but the rumor is that Emily has been discontinued. So I sadly figured there was not much hope for me in the Superbra range.

Then I saw A/W 2013, and Panache, you may have really come through for me!

The A/W 2013 collection from Panache Superbra has not one, but several new models with side support, 4-part cups! These include the Jasmine, which Panache introduced in 2012, in an absolutely scrumptious champagne pink print:


Panache Superbra Jasmine, pic courtesy

I’m thrilled that Panache has begun using prints in their bras, but so far they haven’t had many prints that I found at all attractive. This print, on the other hand, is classic and elegant, and features one of my favorite shades of pink.

The new Envy, which frankly looks as though it is cut just like the Emily, even down to the internal stitching:


Panache Superbra Envy, photo courtesy

The Envy is coming in nude and black, which also makes it appear to be a replacement for Emily.  However, we also have the Dahlia, which looks like a mesh version of the Emily, and is coming in white and black.


Panache Superbra Dahlia, photo courtesy

The Clara looks very different; it has a very retro, 1920s look to it, and a new, peculiar cut: a 4-part cup with what looks like a side support panel, but only in the top of the cup:


Panache Superbra Clara, courtesy

But then, it has a hidden side sling on the inside!


Panache Superbra Clara, courtesy

And then, my beloved Andorra, in a dark red that Panache calls “spice”:


Panache Superbra Andorra, pic by on flickr.

It’s great, from my POV, to see that Panache is expanding their line to include bras that might fit me! I love Panache’s bands and strong underwires, so making their bras in shapes that work for my body is in my opinion a great step, and one that will win my loyalty as a collector. As a person who has a hard time finding well-fitting bras in general, seeing these models come down the runway makes me feel very optimistic. . .  even though I must wait until fall to get my hands on these lovelies.

Of course, these aren’t the only new, gorgeous bras that Panache has in store for Autumn, these are just the side support models! I strongly suggest checking out this set by Stanikomania, it has many photos of the full collection. All the photos in this entry came from Stanikomania, a Polish-language bra blog that I highly recommend, and are used with their permission.

5 thoughts on “Superbra Autumn/Winter 2013 Looks Amazing!

  1. The A/W collection looks promising indeed and I’m also glad to see that Panache is introducing more prints.

    As an aside, I agree that the Tango and Eliza have wide shallow cups, but I don’t think that the center gore is particularly wide, at least not in the larger cup versions. Being close-set, I’ve had the most problem with wide centre gores in Freya balconettes and Fantasie full-cups.

    • I think the Eliza still has a very wide gore, even in larger sizes. A the top, the wires are still close together, but they diverge quickly and are very far apart at the bottom of the gore. The Tango is only a little better.

      I also found that both bras pushed my breasts outward, giving a wider, kind of dumpy silhouette in general.

      Ha, looking back at my reviews of those bras, I would be much more harsh on them today.

    • I hope it is as good as it looks, because DAMN I love that print. Much better than the bird-thing they had last year.

      I always thought that the Emily would have been very popular if it had come in colors other than white/black/nude and the Jasmine proves it.

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