What’s new?

It has been many months of medication and diet adjustments, but I finally seem to be in a good place with both the MetforminER and my thyroid medication.

I’m sloooowly starting to drop some of the fat I gained last year. It is a hard process. Most of the weight gained was in my tummy, and it seems that it is coming off everywhere else first. For example, in the last couple of weeks I’ve lost two inches off my back, but my tummy hasn’t budged. Very frustrating!

Also frustrating is the fact that my breasts haven’t shrunk in months. Oh, for a brief moment they shrank a tiny bit, less than a cup size, so now I am in a netherworld between GG and H. I am still hanging on to my GG bras in hopes that in a few months, I’ll be able to fit them again.

I think I mentioned in other posts that I have for  many  years been ill with CFIDS and FMS. I really hoped that the Metformin and diet changes would mean a cure for those as well, but it has not been the case. This winter has been very hard (cold makes my symptoms worse) and I’m really struggling to keep abreast of my school work. BUT I do have a few posts that I hope to finish and put up here. Thanks for sticking with me!

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