Curvy Kate and Flirtelle

Curvy Kate and Flirtelle are two UK-based “sister brands”, both of which are owned by at least some of the same people who own and  Flirtelle bras are marketed as very slightly lower-cost versions of Curvy Kate bras; CK bras typically have more elaborate embroidery or more fancy-looking fabrics. Curvy Kate is sold by other lingerie sellers, such as Bravissimo, but Flirtelle is only sold at their own online shops.

I have never worn a bra by Curvy Kate or by Flirtelle. They are available to me only by mail, and I’ve had no chance to examine the fit of these brands, so although some of them are gorgeous bras, I have never even tried one on. But I do wonder: why bother having two separate lines of lingerie, using the same cuts and styles? Flirtelle isn’t that much less expensive than Curvy Kate, so it does not seem to be a matter of price point.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Curvy Kate and Flirtelle

  1. I think it’s a marketing thing. Sometimes you can sell more of the same item if you are advertizing it differently under different names for different target groups.

    • I can actually understand some of the multiple brands thing. For example, Eveden’s lines: Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, all have different price points and slight stylistic differences. I don’t understand why they have both Goddess and Elomi, though.

      With Panache, you have Cleo, Superbra, and Masquerade, which are all very different. But Flirtelle and Curvy Kate are almost identical.

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