Search Term Roundup

I have wanted for awhile to make a post addressing some of the questions/issues that bring people to my blog. This is the first one:

“if i regain weight will my boobs be the same as before” It’s hard to say. It really depends on the boobs and on the weight loss/gain. A few pounds on and off won’t make a lot of difference, especially in a short span of time. Weight gained years after weight loss, though, just won’t come back on the same way.

Two things I can tell you: One,  your breasts will continue to change throughout your life. Sometimes the changes are drastic, sometimes they are subtle. Two, barring some kind of surgery, your breast shape will be the same, no matter your size. If you start out full on top, you will probably stay that way.

“my son is taking hormones and is growing breast.”  What kind of hormones is your son taking? If they are “female hormones”, it is almost certain that you have a daughter, rather than a son,  and it would be kind and loving of you to respect her gender identity and call her “daughter”.

Anabolic steroids can also cause men to grow breasts. This is a sign of steroid abuse.  It happens most among bodybuilders, but also among average guys who think that steroids can be safely used to increase their muscle mass a bit. Man boobs (the technical term is “gynecomastia”) are only one side effect of steroid abuse, and some of them are much worse. If your son is using anabolic steroids and growing breasts, you should try to convince him to get off the steroids and to see a doctor.

“bra cups too round” If your bra cups are too round, it is probably a cheap foam-padded contour cup bra. Try some seamed bras! Freya Lingerie, Fantasie of England, and Panache Superbra (and its pendant brands) all make seamed bras that give you a more natural look. Seamed bras are also far more supportive.

“best bras for shallow breasts” Bras from Chantelle, Panache, and Cleo are usually shallow in the cup. Fantasie of England plunge bras are also shallow, compared to their other bras. Among US brands, I know that Wacoal has shallow cups.

“bra sister sizes chart” Sister sizes work in some brands and not in others. I have found that in Fantasie, sister sizing is usually accurate; in Panache, it isn’t. In most brands, you go up a cup and down a band to get a sister size; that means that the sister size to 36C is 34D.

“can my boobs keep growing even if they are supposed to be small” I don’t know who decided that your boobs are “supposed to be small”.  The answer is that yes, your breast size can and probably will change throughout your life. My breasts took a huge growth spurt in my early 30s.

“contraceptive pill water retention on bum” If you are retaining water, it is usually all over your body, not just your bum. Sometimes it can pool in the feet and ankles. But your bum is probably not full of water.

“i changed my bra and i still have bra strap marks” Are you sure your band is tight enough? A loose band puts too much weight on the straps. But for some of us, a well-fitting band doesn’t stop the pain and marks in our shoulders. They say that the straps should only support 10% of the weight of your breasts, but if your breasts are large and heavy, that’s still a lot.  Look for bras with wide straps to help diffuse the force.

4 thoughts on “Search Term Roundup

  1. “If they are “female hormones”, it is almost certain that you have a daughter, rather than a son, and it would be kind and loving of you to respect her gender identity and call her “daughter”.”

    YES! Thanks you for saying this- it always needs to be said!

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