Freya Active Underwire

I am pleased to report that after 2 months off of HBC, my boobs shrank a little bit. It is a good start. However, the rest of me is holding pretty steady: it comes off and comes back on. I have some symptoms of low cortisol, so I am treating that, but also I have been pretty sedentary since school let out for summer. The place I am living right now is super-hot, so I’ve been hiding inside. In the interest of keeping fit and possibly getting back to the (much more comfortable) size I was in January, I started seriously shopping for a sports bra.

Though I am pretty active during the school semester, I haven’t done a proper workout in quite awhile, for lack of a good sports bra. I bought a Shock Absorber D-Max last year and it was not a good fit for me. It was a little too small in the cups (so now, it would be way too small) but more importantly, the position of the straps was very bad for me. The straps were set kind of close to the neck, and so they dug into my shoulder muscles painfully. I think a good sports bra should be comfortable to wear for hours, but this one was agonizing after only a few hours. I was finally ready for something better.

I eventually narrowed my choices down to the Panache Sports Bra, the Freya Active, and the Elomi Energise. I ended up ruling out Panache, largely because I was getting a lot of contradictory information about sizing and fit, and I didn’t want to take the chance on it. So it was between Elomi and Freya.

Freya is not a brand that usually fit me very well. Their bras are just not cut for my shape: they often position the breasts too far out to the sides, or have a weird crinkle in the top of the cup. The sports bra does seem to push things outward, but it might not be bad enough to interfere with a workout.

On the other hand, I have never been much of an Elomi person either, but that is mainly because most of their bras are full-cup and have center-pull straps. These are two things I don’t like in an every day bra. The Energise sports bra, though, looks very comfortable and supportive in photos.  It also seems to bring the boobs very front and center.

I was strongly leaning toward the Elomi, but in the end I went with the Freya because it was cheaper. I ordered it in black because some  people say that the black and white models are more comfortable and flexible in fit, and because people say the bands are super-tight, I ordered a 36G.

I am now awaiting the arrival of my new sports bra, and am anxious to get to the weights and other workouts. Once I have tried the Freya I will give a review. I do hope to try the Energise someday as well, because it looks like a good bra. I the meantime, I intend to put the Freya Active to work.

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