Style Tip: Buy Tall Shirts!

I am an artist and a student, so my everyday clothes are very casual- tshirts, jeans, capri pants, the occasional casual skirt, etc. It’s just practical.

A lot of people with large breasts have trouble finding shirts. There are companies like Campbell & Kate, Biu Biu, and Pepperberry,  catering to large busts, but what about when you want a cheap tshirt that looks good too? Most cheap tshirts ride up in the front, pull tight across the bust, or both. A size big enough to fit the bust is too big at the waist or shoulders, etc.

Around a year ago, I had an idea: I tried ordering some tall sized tshirts. Eureka!  Here’s why tall shirts are great for busty folks: they are cut a little longer in length, and wider across the chest and shoulders. They are usually not cut wider at the waist, though.  Basically, this gives you a little more space for the bust, and it is often enough to get a good fit. In my case, until recently I could wear most cotton tees in a “small tall”, because the tees are stretchy; recently I’ve purchases some medium-talls since gaining a bit of size.

Tshirts in tall sizes have one major flaw: you get excess fabric wrinkling on your back, because you don’t have boobs there. But this is a small thing compared to the advantages, in my opinion. A tall tshirt doesn’t ride up in front because of your boobs. A short shirt rides up, and it also shortens the torso and makes your boobs look bigger/you look chunkier. A longer shirt (I’m not saying, to the knees here, just a length that would be “normal” on a small-breasted person) lengthens the torso, emphasizing the waist. I think it makes my body look more balanced- I have longish legs and hips, but a shorter torso.

In the last year, I’ve had good luck buying tall size tshirts from Old Navy and Gap. I shop with them because they are crazy cheap and I know how their sizes fit me, but there are plenty of other companies, like J. Jill, Eddie Bauer, J. Crew, etc, who carry tshirts in tall sizes. Those places tend to be more expensive, but sometimes you can catch a deal.

If you try this out and it works for you, please let me know! And if you have any shirt-shopping tips to share, please do.

2 thoughts on “Style Tip: Buy Tall Shirts!

    • Thank you! I am feeling a bit better as school is out and I have had a few weeks to rest. I am still having some problems, but I’m not totally exhausted anymore. You are very kind.

      I think it can work for dresses depending on how they are cut. Definitely for a less structured dress, I’d recommend it. For something very tailored, it might not work as well.

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