Replacing Bra Straps

I know, I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly. I promise I do have some posts coming, including reviews of bras from Cleo, Panache Superbra, and Fantasie.  But first, dear readers, I am going to ask you all for help.

I have some bras that I absolutely love, except for the straps. I don’t know why some lingerie companies insist on making very narrow straps for bras with very big cups, but sometimes, they do (I’m looking at you, Panache) and it’s we, the consumers, who suffer for that choice.

I want to replace the narrow straps on some of my bras. Making a bra strap should be pretty easy if I could find the right materials, but finding those materials is turning out to be hard. What makes it hard is that I want my straps 1 inch wide, and I want them in colors other than white or ivory. I have black bras and even purple ones that need new straps.  The only ready-made replacement straps I can find that meet these requirements are ivory, and though I can find “strap elastic” in black and 1 inch wide, I cant’ find it in purple, and I can’t find 1 inch findings in black, either.

Yeah, I know that the bra strap is only supposed to support 10% of the weight of your breast. When you have very large breasts, 10% is a lot of weight for a very narrow strap. The straps dig into my shoulders, they hurt, they chafe, they leave permanent marks.  I miss the days when I was in the wrong size and wore bras with wide, cushy “comfort straps”; those didn’t dig in the way these do.

So, dear readers, if you know of a website that can supply me with these elusive wide bra straps or supplies, please speak up! I look forward to hearing from you.

9 thoughts on “Replacing Bra Straps

    • I have this problem less in bras which do not rely on the straps to mediate the fit somewhat. For example, some of my bras rely on the straps to position the breasts. Panache Andorra to a large degree, and Cleo Lizzy and Sasha to a lesser but still significant degree, have this aspect: the lift and centering of the cups is controlled by the tightness of the straps, so I have had to tighten the straps to get the right fit.

      Also my boobs are very dense. Some breasts are lighter than others, but mine are pretty heavy, especially since I started taking HBC. My straps really dig into my shoulders.

      • Hmmmm. I understand.
        I had a similar problem with Ewa Michalak-bras, they were just not made for me – too much weight on my poor shoulders. 😦
        I could be that Panache bras just don’t work too well for you and you need another cut or type where the fabric of the cups already does a lot of the work. (Just guessing)
        BTW: I started switching bras and try not to wear the same bra/cut twice in a row; I have the impression that this is the best for my back and shoulder muscles.

        Nevertheless, the idea with the new straps sounds like a great solution for your problem. I also think that crossing the straps in the back gives me much more stability and uplift.

    • Well, not sure where you could find actual straps, but maybe use ribbon?

      Also, if you don’t like the color, they’re probably dyeable c:

  1. I feel you. I have switched straps from one bra to another, so if you have any bras lying around that you don’t wear but can’t sell, that would be a good bet.

    Failing that, use the white straps you can buy ready-made, and then buy some ribbon in the color you want the straps to be. The ribbon won’t be stretchy of course, but sew it on in a ruched way, so that it can stretch to the stretched length of the strap. I imagine you would have to sew it on either with a stitch that can stretch as well, or simply sew at various points and leave room in between the stitching so it can stretch. A lot of bra brands do this decoratively anyway, for instance my Bravissimo Lola Luxe basque, and one of the bras sold by the Butterfly Collection. Good luck if you decide to try that!

  2. try going to They have a great selection and if you call their customer service hotline, they will be able to put you in the right direction. And I have found that if they do not have what you need to execute the project you’re doing, they will help you do the research and assist in obtaining the materials needed. Also you may want to consult with a bra designer/lingerie construction professor. They may be able to help in the logistics of the strap/bra adjustments.

  3. I have always bought my bras from rigby & peller and have them change the straps for me they use a slightly padded silky material which are very comfortable and they are 2″ wide

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