Where’s the Fantasie Love?

I am surprised that I don’t find more reviews of Fantasie bras on the bra blogs. I have my eye on a couple of Fantasie bras right now, but as mentioned,my size is hard to find in stores, so I rely on my fellow bloggers to tell me how a bra fits and how it will look on a real person. Why doesn’t Fantasie get more blog love?

I have some Panache and Cleo bras that are cute and fit well, and I agree that Freya makes some pretty bras, but I really don’t think those lines come close to Fantasie when it comes to making beautiful bras. Fantasie goes all out with the pretty fabrics, lace, and embroidery. So why does Freya get all the attention?

I do plan on purchasing some more Fantasie bras, and I will review them here for sure, but I hope that those of you who already have them will speak up as well!

23 thoughts on “Where’s the Fantasie Love?

  1. I’m sized out with Fantasie as I wear a 28 back, although that’s also true with a growing selection of Freya bras. I think Freya is just better known and provides a bigger range than Fantasie, but since our full-busted options can often be limited anyway it would be good to hear more about Fantasie and the other brands out there that escape much attention!

  2. I see so many gorgeous fantasie bras, but they all start at a 32 back and I wear a 30. The simone was amazing in looks and shape but was simply too large. I end up buying freya, although I actually prefer the way fantasie’s cups are cut. I have yet to find a freya without that v-ish neckline that covers more of my chest than I’d like (I am only 5’4” though). Fantasie can actually give me a proper balconette shape.

    • I think I am going to order a Simone tonight! I just love the way it looks and it’s available in black now in the UK and I want to jump on that before it disappears.

      • Do it I tried the black and it was gorgeous and the cups were so perfect (round and comfy and effortlessly supportive), if only the band hadn’t tripped me up!

  3. I’ve been traumatised by having to wear the Belle bra, a long time ago, when it was the only one coming in my size. Since then, I’ve tended to think of Fantasie bras as granny like, so I’ve been quite surprised to see some cute things in their last collection.
    That said, the stuff in larger cups hasn’t changed much. They’ve only added the Kara to the Belle. I found the Belle unattractive, unsupportive and unflattering.

  4. I’ve tried two and reviewed them here: http://braslessinbrasil.blogspot.com/2011/11/fantasie-t-shirt-bra-review.html and here: http://braslessinbrasil.blogspot.com/2011/12/fantasie-zante-halterneck-32g.html . I have some mad love for the Fantasie T-shirt bra and if they carried it in a size 28HH (or 28H because it seems to run somewhat on the large size in the cups) I would buy about 20 of them. I still might very well buy one and alter it down because it’s really a great bra. I should say, though, that it’s very much a full-coverage bra but the one I tried on (32H still has tags but I’ve been too lazy to try to selll it) was amazing but just too big in both the cups/band. šŸ˜¦

  5. I’m sized out of Fantasie too due to them not making 28 backs. However, back when I was a 30, all the Fantasie bras I tried were extremely matronly–I owned the Gabrielle, which I thought was the best bra available, but the shape made me very self-conscious. And like Astrid I was a bit traumatised by the Belle! I agree, though, that they seem to be making cuter prints and styles now, but lots of them are still full cups, and I’m sized out on both ends anyway. Hence why I don’t spend too much time thinking about the brand.

    • Actually, they do have one model in a K cup, that I’ve been meaning to try some day: the Florence. I had forgotten about this one. Thanks for reminding me!

  6. Chalk up another Belle non-fan. ~=o) I rarely wore it however, as I found the center gore very uncomfy. I never tried the balcony version, which is the one Madonna famously wore, which I guess should help with the mental frump factor.

    I do own a couple of Fantasies: Smoothing T-shirt bra, & the Molded Balcony bra. I would be in love with both…except the wire shape is simply wrong for me. It’s far too narrow. And the Kara gives a very upfront & fairly pointy shape which I don’t care for.

    I was surprised to find the wires on Fantasie more narrow than any Freya I own, except the Antoinette, which is similar. But all the Fantasies are much narrower than the Freya Mischa – & a *lot* narrower than the Pollyanna.

  7. Hi ladies, thank you for all your comments. It’s always great to hear feedback and we will ensure these are heard by our design team.
    Kate – you might be interested to know that many of our ranges start at a 30 back. If you like Simone, you might like to try Vivienne, Samantha or Elodie as these are based on the same side-support shape but start at a 30 back and go up to a G/H cup. Freya has also launched some beautiful pieces for SS12, in particular Elize and Ashlee both from 28 back. And if you are looking for a touch of luxury keep an eye on the Fauve collections too!

    To see the ranges and size information, visit our website http://www.fantasie.com. For any bra queries you might have, please visit our Bra Doctor at http://www.freyalingerie.com/advice/ask-the-bra-doctor.aspx

    • Thanks so much for paying attention and for commenting, Claudia! It sounds like there are a lot of women who would be wearing Fantasie if 28 band sizes were available, so I hope your design team will take that into account!

  8. I’m thinking that somehow Fantasie does have a bit of an old image… Can’t understand why Madonna chose to wear Belle as it represents a granny bra at least for me. šŸ˜€ The truth is, they do have great beautiful bras, too.

    Ps. Welcome to visit my new blog! There’s only an Ewa Michalak review but there’s plenty of more to come.

    • The Belle bra that Madonna wore was the balconette, which is absolutely gorgeous and not at all a granny bra. You are probably thinking of the full cup.

      I wish the Belle balconette came in sizes above an FF, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

      I agree, though, about Fantasie: a lot of people describe it as Fantasie’s “older” line for “more mature” women, but imo it’s just a bit fancier than Freya. When I think “older lady underwear” I don’t think of gorgeous embroidery and pretty fabrics (though as an old lady that’s what I expect I’ll be wearing.)

      I think that in regular sizes Eveden just has degrees of fanciness: Freya at the bottom, then Fantasie, and Fauve at the top in terms of quality and embellishment.

      • I did remember how the bra looked on Madonna and that it was the balconette version. Maybe the full cup bra has just had an effect on how a view the whole embroidery and everything on that bra, full cup or balconette.

        But I do agree, Fauve is at the top of the fanciness degrees. I love Fauve’s elegant and luxurious designs although I’ve never tried them.

  9. I love Freya and Fantasie for the comfort. Panache gives a great shape but the sides tend to dig in which can be pain after a long day. I have tried the belle and own at least one Fantasie bra. It’s so comfy but I feel wider wearing them, Maybe the centre divides my boobs too far apart? 34J

    • I think Panache cushions their underwire less than Fantasie does, definitely, which really annoys me. On the other hand I think the lack of side boning makes my Panache bras really comfortable. However, it is really hard for me to get a good fit in a Panache bra because the cups are often wide and shallow.

      What model of Fantasie bra is making your boobs wide? It seems to me that the Fantasie full cups do make people look wider, whereas the side support models really center my boobs. I am still trying to find a Fantasie balconette that fits me, I have one on its way in the mail so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  10. I don’t blog, but for me also, Fantasie doesn’t have the same place as Freya does.
    I’m sized out too, I really wear a 28 band, but would buy a tight 30 band if I knew it was tight, I really liked the bra, and it came in the right cup sizes. But as far as I know Fantasie is rumoured to run very loose in the bands. Also in this particular collection there isn’t so much I like, much of that which comes in an H cup or more is black,white or grey, and I’m just not that interested in it. In previous collections I’ve liked more (though I’m not sure those came in H/H+ cups either), so I wish they did start making a 28 band, so I could be sure when I bought a bra that I would find a reasonably good fit in it, and that more of their bras came in H+ cups, so that I would find a fit there as well.

    • I hope you and others in 28 bands will keep comments like this coming, because Eveden is paying attention! If they see enough demand I think Fantasie will make 28 bands.

  11. Exactly. If you google it, you can see photos of Madonna wearing the Belle balcony in black. It’s stunning, & nothing like low pointy shape the full-cup version gives.

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