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Replacing Bra Straps

I know, I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly. I promise I do have some posts coming, including reviews of bras from Cleo, Panache Superbra, and Fantasie.  But first, dear readers, I am going to ask you all for help.

I have some bras that I absolutely love, except for the straps. I don’t know why some lingerie companies insist on making very narrow straps for bras with very big cups, but sometimes, they do (I’m looking at you, Panache) and it’s we, the consumers, who suffer for that choice.

I want to replace the narrow straps on some of my bras. Making a bra strap should be pretty easy if I could find the right materials, but finding those materials is turning out to be hard. What makes it hard is that I want my straps 1 inch wide, and I want them in colors other than white or ivory. I have black bras and even purple ones that need new straps.  The only ready-made replacement straps I can find that meet these requirements are ivory, and though I can find “strap elastic” in black and 1 inch wide, I cant’ find it in purple, and I can’t find 1 inch findings in black, either.

Yeah, I know that the bra strap is only supposed to support 10% of the weight of your breast. When you have very large breasts, 10% is a lot of weight for a very narrow strap. The straps dig into my shoulders, they hurt, they chafe, they leave permanent marks.  I miss the days when I was in the wrong size and wore bras with wide, cushy “comfort straps”; those didn’t dig in the way these do.

So, dear readers, if you know of a website that can supply me with these elusive wide bra straps or supplies, please speak up! I look forward to hearing from you.

Where’s the Fantasie Love?

I am surprised that I don’t find more reviews of Fantasie bras on the bra blogs. I have my eye on a couple of Fantasie bras right now, but as mentioned,my size is hard to find in stores, so I rely on my fellow bloggers to tell me how a bra fits and how it will look on a real person. Why doesn’t Fantasie get more blog love?

I have some Panache and Cleo bras that are cute and fit well, and I agree that Freya makes some pretty bras, but I really don’t think those lines come close to Fantasie when it comes to making beautiful bras. Fantasie goes all out with the pretty fabrics, lace, and embroidery. So why does Freya get all the attention?

I do plan on purchasing some more Fantasie bras, and I will review them here for sure, but I hope that those of you who already have them will speak up as well!