WP as Message Service

Hey Hater, I don’t have an email address for you so I am making this a post! I’ve been trying to comment on your blog for weeks and I can’t. I tried using both my WP ID and my AIM ID and I think maybe your OpenID is broken. I can comment on other Blogspot blogs, it’s only yours that I can’t!

I am not sure if there is anything you can do or not but I wanted to let you know!

9 thoughts on “WP as Message Service

    • Argh. I was just able to comment on one of your posts, but now it’s happening again on all of them 😦 Waaaaah! I have OPINIONS!!!

      Oh and someone else posted here saying she is having the same problem commenting at your place 😦

  1. Hi everyone, just noticed these comments. There is no option in the settings called “name/URL” but there is an option where I can allow Anonymous comments, I’m not sure if that would help (and don’t like the thought of Anonymous comments that much) but I will try that. From most of what it said in that article Astrid linked to, it sounds like it is a problem with Blogger as opposed to something to do with the settings themselves. With the comments as they are now it allows you to comment just with an email address… is that not working either?

  2. Also, I notice that you are linking my blog through the name “Hater”, which I used for the first month of so of having my blog, but the name I use is now simply “Bras I Hate” as you will notice in these comments. This seems a long shot but could that be the trouble you are having commenting–if it is saved as that with WordPress or something???

    • Nah I just visit your blog on its own page… the links I make manually when I make a post 😦 Sorry about the name thing, I didn’t notice the change. I thought “Hater” was kind of cute.

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