Style Tip: Wear Clothes That Fit You!

I don’t consider myself a fashionista, just a person with a personal sense of style, and who likes to look nice in her clothes. One “fashion rule” I have learned over a lifetime of dressing myself, though, is that no one looks good in clothes that fit poorly. It’s just the truth.

When I was a slender teenager, I felt very self-conscious about my body. (Having a curvy shape didn’t help: it was impossible for me to find clothes that fit well when I had big boobs and a big butt, which made me think I must have been fat.) So, I often wore clothes that were 2-3 sizes too big. I thought that these clothes disguised my “flaws”. I realize now that they just made me look fat and dumpy.

I think a lot of fat women make a similar mistake: they wear clothes that are loose or even way too big, thinking that this disguises their fatness or makes them look slimmer. In fact, wearing oversized clothes makes you look shapeless and fatter. It’s not an appealing look.

(I know that finding clothes that fit when you are plus-sized is a challenge, especially as pluses are often more expensive than regular sizes. I really, really know! But that’s not what I am addressing in this post. I promise, though, there will be a post about it someday!)

On the other hand, you also shouldn’t go too far in the other direction. I sometimes see women wearing clothes that are far too small, in the mistaken belief that this “shows off their curves”. Cramming yourself into a shirt or dress too small for you is not a good look! (Again, I know that some people can’t afford to buy new clothes when they have suddenly gained weight: those are not the people I’m talking about. I am talking about people who choose to wear too-tight clothes when they don’t have to do so.) It does not make you look sexy (though there will always be people who tell you it does) rather, looks sloppy and kind of sad. If your shirt buttons are straining and gaping across your bust 0r tummy, it does not fit. Period.  If you are bulging out everywhere or even overflowing, your clothes do not fit! This bulging and overflowing actually makes you look fatter than you are, whereas well-fitting clothes enhance your silhouette.

This goes for your underthings too! Don’t cram yourself into underpants that are too small, no matter how much you like the way they look: you’ll give yourself wedgies, massive panty line, or even dents at the hip. Don’t wear a bra that is too small because it “gives you cleavage” or it’s cute. Quad-boob is not ever a good look, nor is armpit bulge. If you want killer cleavage, there are bras that can give you that and still fit.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to only buy clothes that fit you. In the long run you, clothes that fit will look great and make you feel great about yourself.

2 thoughts on “Style Tip: Wear Clothes That Fit You!

    • Yes! Their clothes look great but I haven’t ordered from them yet for a variety of reasons. One being that they seem to not carry much stock, so they often run out of my sizes quickly. Also I have not been able to get any customer service response from them except once. For example, I can’t see the difference between Porto and Fuego, so I asked them how those are different, and they never responded.

      I do want to try some of their clothes, I hope I can afford an order soon.

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