Review: First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum

I am someone who is passionate about skin care. I’m also kind of a fiend for serums: a skin serum can be SUCH a functional product, and really deliver a lot of benefit. I think anyone can benefit from adding a good serum to their skin care routine.

I am also a big believer in topical anti-oxidants. We’ve learned that taking large doses of anti-oxidants internally isn’t good for your health, but the evidence suggests exactly the opposite with regard to topical anti-oxidants. Topical anti-oxidant formulas with vitamins C and E have been proven to protect the skin against sun damage.

This past summer, I was experiencing a distressing, escalating problem with redness on my face, neck, and decollete area. The skin was red and very irritated. I even got rashes and blisters on my chest and neck. Sometimes my skin felt like it was burning or stinging. This had been going on for months and I was very concerned. I even thought that maybe I had rosacea. The problem was somewhat related to sun exposure (I have very sun-sensitive skin) but even my reaction to sun was far more red and painful than it had ever been before. I went looking online for a product to combat the redness and irritation, and found FAB Anti-Redness Serum.

I purchased  First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum at Sephora, for $34. This is much more than I would usually spend on a skin care product, but I was desperate!  The serum is marketed as a remedy for redness caused by general irritation and by rosacea. It is also marketed as an anti-oxidant serum; supposedly the formula contains natural, plant-derived anti-oxidants that are beneficial to the skin. I was a little suspicious of the anti-oxidant claim, since the label doesn’t mention what specific anti-oxidant ingredients this serum has. However, since I was primarily looking for a product to soothe my skin and combat redness, I bought it anyway, based on the many good reviews.

The promo copy for this product says that it contains caffeine to constrict blood vessels (thus immediately easing redness, but not the cause.) It also claims to address the irritation causing the redness, with colloidal sulfur, aloe, ginger, and bisabolol.

I used this serum morning and night for about two months (the time to get through one bottle.) I did not notice any reduction in irritation from this product. In fact, sometimes when I applied it, it stung my face! I also did not notice any anti-oxidant benefit: my usual anti-oxidant serum brightens and smooths my skin, but the FAB serum did not.  At $34 for less than 2 ounces, I think I should have seen a visible change in my skin. So, I can’t recommend this serum.


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