Panache Eliza: Will She or Won’t She?

On Saturday, I received my first Panache Eliza bra in the mail. This bra was an absolute steal on eBay; I got it in black, for about $25 including shipping.

I’m not entirely sure if Eliza is a keeper or not. My initial impression is that the fabric is extremely scratchy, and the cups may be flattening/widening my appearance a bit, like the PrimaDonna Amazone, and they seem almost to pull my breasts down a bit at the top. Also… this bra is not pretty. I knew going in that in the larger sizes the cup was not half-sheer, and that’s fine. But in photos, even of the larger sizes, the fabric appeared to have a pretty sheen, like organza. In person is is pretty flat and cheap-looking, and the embroidery has no sheen either.

On the positive side, I love the riffled trim, especially on the straps, and the seams, though numerous, are invisible under a tshirt. And, the underwires are quite narrow, the narrowest I have seen to date on a Panache bra. The sides come up very high under the arm, which looks good and contains side-boob.

I am undecided as to whether or not I will keep the Eliza. I know that not every bra can be a stunner, but since there are bras that can be gorgeous and also effective and comfortable, those are the ones I want! I actually have a second Eliza on its way in the mail (the result of Breakout Bras’ grab bag sale) and if I do decided to keep them, I doubt I will buy another.

10 thoughts on “Panache Eliza: Will She or Won’t She?

    • I’m not sure that would be enough to save this bra! I think maybe the Eliza is just the wrong shape for me. But thanks for the link, it is worth thinking about.

      Edit: look at the picture on that page. See how the bra has such a sheen? The fabric looks so pretty.

  1. I had the Panache Eliza once too and hated it! I actually didn’t mind the shape or even the appearance at the time (I’ve since tried it on and dislike it) but it was SOOO painful to wear! The straps were so hard and the band under the cups cut into my skin. I literally never wore it, if I were you I wouldn’t keep it.

    • LOL last night when I was trying to decide to keep it or not I found your post about it and said “doh!” I ordered it largely because the Bratabase suggested that it would fit the way my Cleo Sasha does. SO NOT TRUE.

      I don’t think of my breasts as “full on top” because they sag so much. But so many bras now are digging in along the top that maybe I should rethink that. Once they are elevated by a bra they are full on top, so hmmmm.

      I am not keeping either of them. I’ve offered them for sale in 32D and if no one takes them there I will put them on eBay.

      • I haven’t tried the Sasha (it seemed to sell out uber fast) but from the looks of it, it MIGHT be a similar shape to the Cleo Lucy? –which I have and is a nice, comfortable bra if a little bland. If you haven’t tried it, you might be able to find that on eBay at a low enough price to justify giving it a shot… there are normally a bunch of cheap ones floating around there in my size.

  2. Panache recommended that I give the Lucy a shot too. I am just a little concerned because I can’t tell if the center gore gets narrow in the big sizes or not. Is it wide in yours?

    The Sasha has its flaws, but it’s a pretty good bra for all that.

    • Sasha is the newest addition to the “George Family” – like Lizzie and Eleanor. So you could look out for one of those two. Maybe you’re lucky – they are pretty hard to come by since they were seasonal models.

      About the full on top thing: It largely depends on the shape of your breast base. If it is large and reaches up to the collarbone, a bra will push up the breast to this point. I have the same “problem” so most Freya bras do nof fit me as they seem to be constructed for other base-shapes.

      Hope this is helpful. 🙂

      • The Sasha isn’t entirely the same cut as the George, at least according to Panache, but I think the George might work for me anyway. I’ve been keeping en eye out on eBay for other, similar models.

        My breast base doesn’t reach up to my collarbone; they are placed pretty low on my chest. I think that maybe they are actually full on top, but that because the “top” is low, because of ptosis, I was thinking of that as not full on top.

        I have not yet found a Freya bra that has fit me, because they seem made for a wider, rounder breast. (I had a Millie briefly, but I dropped about 5 pounds and though my breasts did not shrink, my torso did, and the wires became too wide. I also didn’t find it very supportive. BUT, I gave it to a friend and she loves it and says it’s her favorite bra.) I have considered sizing down in them, but have still not had success. However, the only one I’ve tried in lots of sizes was the Jolie and I think it’s probably just a crappy bra in general.

    • It does have a wide gore, I took mine in a lot actually. I think it’s about the same as on the Harmony/Confetti/Cleo Frances/etc. The tops of the cups on the Lucy are tighter than on the Harmony/Confetti though–I think they are meant to sort of shape and support more, instead of just kind of ending gently halfway up.

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