Bra Review: Fantasie Savannah 2152

This is a review of the Fantasie Savannah Plunge Bra with Side Support, model #2152. I spent a lot of time writing and revising this review. I have this bra in several colors, and it has so many good and bad qualities that it’s hard to balance them all. So, this is wordy.

Because the Savannah is very revealing, I decided not to take a picture of myself wearing it for the blog. You can see the shape it gives under clothes here.

First, a comparison of colorways: I have this bra in pink/black, “Mulberry”, and in “Cafe Latte”.  All three are pretty and intriguing, but the “Cafe Latte” in particular is just exquisite. It’s just a very pretty color combination, with a pinkish-bronze lace overlying a pale, neutral pink.

The Cafe Latte is also the most comfortable of the three colorways. It is roomier in the band and cup than the black or mulberry styles. The black style is pretty comfortable, but a tad smaller in the cups. The mulberry is tightest in the cups, just a little tighter than the black, but also, the mulberry has the scratchiest, most uncomfortable elastic. The elastic on the mulberry is quite rough compared to the others, and ultimately this makes it uncomfortable for more than a few hours wear. As a result, I have removed the mulberry from my daily rotation; it is now designated a “special occasion bra.”

There is one specific problem with the black lace models: something is awry with quality control in the black lace department. All of my Savannah bras with black lace have torn, often during the first or second wearing, and some more than once! The lace just rips right open. I have not had this problem with the Cafe Latte colorway, so it appears to affect only the black lace.

Good in general: the 2152 is a very robustly constructed bra. The lower cups are lined with Simplex, which means that they curve very easily around the breast, and the fabric has a little give, but no real stretch. This give is essential, as it means the bra can fit very well without being elastic. Simplex is a very strong material, without being heavy or stiff. This makes the bra very supportive, but not bulky. The 4-part cup positions the breasts toward the front, which has a slimming effect.

This is also a very pretty style. Details such as lace, embroidery, and double bows are very feminine. The leafy pattern of the embroidery is a break from the common florals. I think it’s gorgeous in every colorway.

Good especially for me: the 2152 has narrow underwires and deep cups, both excellent for a large-busted woman in a small band size. It also has a low neckline. Though it is described as a plunge, I think the shape is more of a half-cup: it is cut only a bit lower than a balconette, and in fact the center gore is only half an inch shorter. Speaking of the center gore, it is quite narrow, which suits me and my breasts very well.

Bad in general: the band on the 2152 is, in my opinion, too narrow. It has only two hooks in every size, which is a mistake in higher cup sizes. The band is a bit unstable as a result: the weight of very large breasts pushes it down in the front and at times I need to adjust it, especially when I’ve been sitting poorly. I think that a wider band would make this bra more supportive. The narrow band also makes for a prominent “back fat” bulge above the band, even when I’ve gathered-in properly. A wider band would have a smoothing effect.

The seams in the cups are very bulky, They are clearly visible beneath tshirts. It is possible to make a seamed bra with flatter seams, so I see this as a quality issue. The seams make this a bra for layering or for sweaters.

The worst thing about the Savannah, though, is the ripping mentioned above. I just can’t justify that happening with more than one bra. With one bra, it’s a single defective item: with three, it is a quality control issue.

Bad especially for me: some Savannah owners have mentioned the cup shrinking after washing. In my case, since washing, the top edge of the cup has begun to dig into my breast tissue just a bit. It creates minor quad boob, even though the cup is not too small. If the top of your breasts is very soft, you might find this to be a problem, as I do.

Other things to know: the Savannah runs a bit small in the band, imo, but the band is moderately stretchy. Also, it has good recovery.The straps, on the other hand, are VERY stretchy. I really had to ratchet them up there to get the bra into the right shape and keep my bust supported.

Also, the breasts are given a very natural shape in the Savannah, as you can see here. When I first tried it on, the cups seemed a little pointy, but after washing and wearing, the cups relaxed and took on a natural shape: not hemispherical, but certainly not pointed. So, if you put it on in the shop and it seems pointy, don’t despair, just wash it and wear it.

I don’t think the Savannah 2152 is a perfect enough fit that I would pay full price for it. I do, though, like it enough to consider it a good “bargain bra” and I now own four of them, and I will probably purchase another if I can find it for a low price: I would like to try the “pink haze” colorway coming in December.

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