What’s Your Bra Size, Really?

I am pretty relaxed about naming my weight and bra size. They are just numbers, after all. And I have spent enough time in ill-fitting bras to know that bra fitting is a quality of life issue: a well-fitted bra is more comfortable than a poorly-fitting one, and also, it makes me look much better. It makes EVERYONE look much better. Your shape looks healthier and neater, your clothes fit better, etc.

Which leads to the following rant:

Sometimes I see women claiming a bra size that is just not possibly theirs. I almost never see anyone claiming to have a size larger than they have, but instead, a size smaller. What’s the deal with that?

The lovely Sophia Jenner has blogged about Christina Hendricks doing exactly this. I’ll tell you something: there is no way that Christina Hendricks does not know her right bra size. The woman has a regular role on a TV show: that means that every inch of her body has been measured for costuming, and furthermore, she is expected to maintain the same size throughout the season, in order that her costumes ft her when needed.

(It is also absolutely not possible that her bra size is 38DD, or 36DD, as frequently reported in the media. Additionally, I’ve seen reports that Ms. Hendricks is a US size 12, which is yet again, absolutely not possible. Recall that the camera really does add ten pounds visually, and then have a look at Ms. Hendricks. Also, in this interview,  Christina’s stylist says that sometimes, they use vintage dresses to dress her for award shows. Those of you who collect vintage clothing are nodding your heads right now, knowing that it would be next to impossible to find vintage gowns that would actually fit a woman who was a size 12US.)

Today I saw photos of a woman who is quite tiny, with enormous breasts, who claims she is a 32FF. I am telling you, there is just NO WAY. I am not going to link to her, but comparing her to my fellow “boobie bloggers”, it is obvious that she is more like a 28H or J. There are photos of her crammed into bras that clearly do not fit. Why, why, why? What’s the point?

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Bra Size, Really?

  1. I’m not familiar with vintage clothing, would it be impossible for her to be a 12 because vintage gowns are too small for that, or too big? She does look like she could be a 12 to me, especially if Liv Tyler is also a 12 (according to the linked interview). But I guess clothing size can depend on a lot of things, including shape, height, etc…

    She probably can force herself into a 38DD lacking anything better but would obviously be better supported by a much smaller back and larger cup. I suspect one of two things… either she has very lightweight boobs and so doesn’t have any back pain or anything and has never really felt a need to get into a smaller more supportive band; Or, if her boobs are not extremely lightweight, she MUST have felt compelled to do some research into a better fit, in which case she may actually know her bra size but hasn’t wanted to admit it. Although I totally get why she wouldn’t want to tell everyone about the number, imagine how much it would improve bra fitting and awareness for women, especially in the US where the majority of people literally do not BELIEVE that any size exists over DD.

  2. Liv Tyler was for awhile a UK 12 (and early in her career, she wasn’t. She was pretty tiny until LOTR, and she also did a romantic movie afterward where she gained weight to be more curvy.) Christina Hendricks is claimed to be a US 12, which is bigger.

    It’s not about her size, as much as it is about the fact that a size 12, in 1950s/60s US sizes, was considered very large, and fancy evening gowns were almost never made for women that size. Her boobs are certainly not a 50s/60s US size 12 and would not fit into them. I suspect Christina is more of a US size 8 or 6, which is sadly considered big in Hollywood these days. The very idea that a 6 is big is a rant for another day.

    The thing is, we do see photos of her wearing the correct bra size: on the show she is not bulging out all over the place, and she was dressed properly on Firefly. And in that article there is a pic of her wearing the peach gown with boning, it fits beautifully. I think a lot of the problem is that her stylist doesn’t want to put her in a strapless bra, but instead wants the dress to do all the supporting, and that just doesn’t happen in big boobs unless you get a custom made dress.

    I totally agree with you about awareness, and that’s why I think it’s pretty stupid to not want to “admit” to a large bra size. We all see those boobs! How would a number make it different?

  3. I think she may well not know her size. Even if she is meassured, they might use the +4 method. Maybe they also do not know about all the bra sizes in existance, and go to a larger band to get the bigger cup.

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