Effuniaks, Ordered

Well, I did it: I ordered some Ewa Michalak bras. I would have done it weeks ago, but someone cloned my debit card and emptied my bank account. It took a few weeks to get my money back. In a way waiting was good, because Ewa Michalak is having a sale on some models.

I was still confused about size, so I took this opportunity to order a few models that are on sale, and see what works best for me. I don’t like the looks of Effuniak plunges, so I decided to skip a plunge altogether, and order two half-cups. Since the lace half-cups don’t come in my size, I ordered one CH model, and one HP model, to compare. The Effuniak size calculator says I am an 85GG, but many people say that the calculator gets the band size too big. So, after comparing to measurements of women on Balkonetka, I ordered a variety of sizes to see what might work best.

Fortunately, one of the models on sale is CH Miętus. I didn’t like the looks of this bra when I first encountered it, but it has grown on me, and I found that I like the colors. Also, I’ve seen some photos of it looking phenomenal on some busty gals, so I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, the shop was out of 80GG, and it seems the Miętus is being discontinued, so I ordered one in 85GG and one in 80H, just to cover my bases. I hope very much that at least one Miętus fits me, as it is such a pretty bra. Whichever one does not fit will be offered for sale, and returned if there are no takers.

I also ordered an HP style,  Puder. I think this is a pretty bra, and I have heard that in person the pink is more intense. But the main draw for me in ordering that one specifically was the sale price. It is kind of plain, and I already have a few pale pink bras (they come in handy under light or white shirts) so it would not have been my first choice, but 20% off is a great incentive. I ordered it in an 80GG, based on advice and reading Balkonetka.

I do hate this whole mail and try-on thing, but I am looking at it as an investment in future bra-wearing comfort. Finding my size in Effuniaks will be a chore, but once I know that, it will be much easier for me to confidently buy bras from them. They say my package will take 12 days to arrive. I’ll be counting those days! There will be full reviews here, of course.

6 thoughts on “Effuniaks, Ordered

  1. I hope something works out for you!! I’m still waiting on my second try with the Ewa Michalak bras. It is really frustrating having to wait on them and send them back when they don’t fit but on the other hand it will be worth it to finally figure out my size in them… Good luck!

    I love the CH Mieutus bra, btw, it looks really cute, too bad they don’t have my size!

  2. Fingers crossed you love EM every bit as much as I do 🙂 I wonder what it is about the plunges that put you off?

    Can I have first refusal on the Mietus 80H if it does not fit please? I only have plunges and really the 80H is at least a cupsize too small for me…but it’s sooooo pretty!

    • Oops, just seen you live in the US. I’m in the UK and sadly I think the postage to send a bra over would cancel out the ‘bargain’. You might even find they both fit pretty well – you could always wear an extender if the 80H is a little tight in the band.

  3. Have you received your bras? I look forward to reading your reviews. I have been researching her line of bras for some time now, and I would love more input before I order. I am looking at her special order range, so I’d love to see how you like the fit and the quality.

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