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I’ve been looking forward to ordering a few Ewa Michalak bras for some time now. Somehow, though, it escaped my notice that the non-padded bra styles don’t come in my size 😦 This is a big letdown for me: I really, really, really, really prefer unpadded bras.

I know some people say that padded cups don’t add bulk. But when I went from a Le Mystere Tisha bra to an Empreinte Zoe, I went down a whole shirt size. I saw the difference and also felt  much lighter and more free. Effuniak cups are, at least, much thinner than most padded or contour cups, and they are seamed, so I can expect good support. Still, I am deeply disappointed.

I am also a little concerned because I am have been scanning through photos on Balkonetka, and often very large breasts do not seem well-supported in Effuniak bras. I am seeing a lot of low breasts, but I am also seeing a lot of women in what appear to be the wrong sized bra.

I wonder f the nature of purchasing from Effuniak makes people more likely to keep a bra that doesn’t really fit? After all, we have the wait, and the anticipation, and if it doesn’t fit, a potential wait of more and more months.  I think some people might decide to keep their hard-won bra, even if it’s a bit big.

In any case, I will be ordering a few bras just as soon as I can figureout my size. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak

  1. I feel the same way… I am so confused by their sizing that I’m afraid to place an order, plus I also prefer unpadded bras. Sure the padded ones can give great shape but they feel so bulky and stiff to me which puts me on edge. I know lots of people love Ewa Michalak bras though… so maybe it’s worth a try?

    • Not all of the bras are padded. Did you see any you like under the soft cup tag? That section is kind of misleading when translated into English, because I’m used to soft cups being non-underwired bras. However, EM seems to use the term for non-padded bras with wires. At least, I’ve yet to read a review saying they’re wireless!

  2. Good luck! I hope the bras work out well for you. I know for me I did keep one that was too big (but it was one sale) and had some success bringing it in… I know I was tempted to keep the too big plunge even though it didn’t fit because I loved the bra so much, so you really might be right.

    BTW, did you try emailing them and asking if you could get a custom-made non-padded bra? Actually, better yet figure out your size in the padded bras first and then you could ask. They might be willing to do that (but it would be good to figure out your size first since it would be non-returnable).

    • Sorry to butt in but I have asked before for the CH and HP in my size (36HH/J or 80HH/J) and was told they don’t make them that big. I assume the same would apply for the unpadded bras but it’s certainly worth asking 🙂

      • I had an email from Ewa herself:

        Dear Caroline,
        unfortunatelly it is not possible to order this bra in your size. The construction of this particular bra is available only in sizes given on the website (other sizes will not look good so I’m not selling them).
        However I make some things custom made (all the product PL) so let me know if you’d be interested.

        Ewa Michalak

  3. Hiya – great blog!

    I know what you mean about the difference between padded and non-padded bras. Until a few months ago and my first Ewa Michalak order, I had never in my life worn a padded bra so it was a very strange feeling when I first put one on! However I have found that for me they offer superior fit, support and shape.

    I have recently written several reviews of Ewa Michalak bras so feel free to have a nosy at my blog at http://curvywordy.blogspot.com/. My first order was of bras too small so I returned them and reordered. It only cost me around £5 to send them back. Funnily enough I have just posted about the PL Black which seems to have stretched with wear so my latest order of the new styles has been for a size down.

    I too am disappointed Ewa Michalak does not offer unpadded bras in my size…I wonder if this is something that will change in the future?

    • Hey thanks for coming by! I have enjoyed your blog as well. I hope to write more here as time permits.

      I would like to see Ewa offer unpadded bras in larger sizes. BUt I think it is possible that her cup style just can’t support them 😦

  4. I thought I was the only one feeling that way. I got the PL Black a couple of months ago and it was my very first padded bra. I must say it does provide good support and uplift (and it fits!). It is also quite comfortable, but it took some time getting used to the shape it gives. It looks fine with no clothes on, with a loose top or with something in a thick fabric, but there is no way I would wear it with a tee-shirt, as I’d feel self-conscious. It gives an extremely rounded shape, which just doesn’t look natural to me, especially in a KK cup. Other complaint is that the back stretched pretty quickly, so I’m already on the third tightest hook (it has four).

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