Sized Out

My absolute favorite brand of bras thus far has been Empreinte. I have looked around and never found a brand as comfortable: Empreinte bras are really cut as though they were made for me, and the quality is truly top-notch.

As I’ve lost a band size, though, it appears that I’ve been sized out of Empreinte. My band size has shrunk but my cup has not, and Empreinte doesn’t carry styles in a size that will fit me now (full-cup bras are too much bra for me.) So, what is a girl to do? It’s very stressful to go looking for a new brand or style of bra that fits; endless trying on, inevitable disappointment: one can spend hours in a shop and still not find a suitable bra.

This is the cause of my current dilemma: right now I have only four bras that fit me, all of them various colorways of the Fantasie Savannah plunge (I have a lengthy review of this style coming.)  I’ve been out shopping a few times looking for a brand and style that will fit me, and thus far I’ve had no success.

I know I am more fortunate than many women: I live in a large city with multiple specialty bra retailers, and given time, I will surely find a bra that fits me perfectly. But in the back of my mind there is always a little niggling fear: what if I don’t?

6 thoughts on “Sized Out

  1. As I remember, my sister really likes a brand that is similar to Empreinte in its very high quality, but came in some lower band sizes. I just can’t remember the name of the brand! I will check with her and comment again when I find out.

    I sympathize with the frustration of sizing out. I once sized out of a whole store… and that was the only specialty store near me. Good luck with your shopping!

    • Hey, that would be great! Thank you very much for offering. I am always looking for well-fitting bras and I have a lot of brand loyalty.

      Empreinte does go down to a size 30 band, but they stop at a G cup in their demi-cup styles, and their bands are very stretchy. 😦 But such nice bras!

        • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to ordering a few padded halfcups and at least one non-padded one to see how they compare. I generally prefer bras with no padding, but I will give her padded ones a try as they are seamed and so thin.

  2. Unfortunately I asked her, and she said the brand she liked WAS Empreinte! I’d thought it was something else because I knew she was in a 30 band at the time, but yeah, she wears a smaller cup size so that’s why she was able to wear their bras.

    It’s really too bad that so many attractive brands stop at G cup… the field really thins out at GG+! Out of curiosity what brands have you tried? You mentioned Fantasie, do you like Freya bras too? I’m not 100% sure but I have a vague memory that Fantasie and Freya are made by the same people, or somehow affiliated. I prefer Panache personally (fits me much better), but I think Freya bras are reputed to be more comfortable in general.

  3. Oh well, thank you for asking her! I hope Empreinte will expand their size range soon.

    I have not yet found a Freya bra that fits me 😦 They change their cut above a G cup, and the bras that big look nothing like the ones in smaller cups, they have a totally different fit. Their cups always, so far, wrinkle on me at the top near the strap. And they just haven’t seemed very supportive for me, but that could be a sizing issue as I kind of gave up after trying several on.

    I have not had the chance to try an Arabella, though, and people rave about that one. Some people say it is more narrow than other Freya bras.

    I wish I could fit into a Freya bra, they are so readily available and have so many pretty styles! And maybe I will find one that fits me.

    With Fantasie I’ve only found one style that fits me, the Savannah plunge with side support. It’s not the perfect bra, but it’s a good bra for a bargain- whenever I find one on eBay in my size I snatch it up. But it has some design flaws.

    They have released a new style, Vivienne, that looks to have the same cut, we will see if it works for me.

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