BB Cream, the multi-function miracle?

BB Cream is a relatively new trend in skin care and makeup. That’s right, I said skin care and make up, because BB creams purport to be both. From what I can gather, BB creams are like extra-functional tinted moisturizers: they are supposed to replace serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, by incorporating ingredients that do the job of all those products. Since Sephora has jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon, the use of BB Creams has skyrocketed in the US (BB Creams have been popular in Asia for some time) but I’m skeptical.

I am not sure how one product can replace serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, when individual needs for each of those things vary. For example, in my case, I use an antioxidant serum (heavy on vitamins C and E) to protect and nourish my skin, a high-spf moisturizer (with both physical and chemical sunscreens) to moisturize and protect me from sun damage, and sometimes (on dry days) an additional, light moisturizer in the eye and neck area (applied after serum but before my SPF moisturizer.) I do not wear foundation, but prefer a medium-coverage powder to smooth things out (though often I go without.) Another woman might prefer an anti-acne serum and a very heavy moisturizer, then use a mineral foundation with SPF. Etc. Since we choose these various products based on the different things we want from them, I just don’t think a BB Cream can replace all of them.

If you think of BB Cream as a very good tinted moisturizer, then it makes more sense. If you’re going to buy a tinted moisturizer, wouldn’t you want the one that offers the most benefits to your skin? Choose a BB Cream based on the benefits you want from it alone, rather than replacing all your products. I personally don’t use foundation, but I’ve considered trying BB Cream to see if it might have mattifying benefits that last all day; almost like a tinted primer (of course, there are mattifying tented primers out there.) Or, I might use BB Cream when I expect to be photographed or on special occasions, to give my thin, pale skin a more substantial, flawless appearance. For everyday use, though, I can’t see why this is a product I need.

What do you think? Can a BB Cream really replace multiple skin care and makeup products? Has a BB Cream done this for you?

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