Big/Not Big

My bra size is currently a 32H. People are often shocked when they hear this, because we’re supposed to think of H cup as so very large. And I guess it is very large. I just don’t think of my breasts as large, most of the time. I mean, rationally, yes, I realize that they are large, but I don’t think of them that way when I’m not actually thinking about them.

It has been many, many years since I could look down and see my feet or the ground. When I look down, I see boobs. It’s a pretty nice view, really. But from the top, they don’t actually look very big. The view from here doesn’t reveal their size.  Even in the mirror, though, they don’t really seem large. Maybe I’m just used to them? They grew this way gradually, after all.

It is when I see a photo, either of me, or of a woman with breasts the same size, that I really understand that my boobs are big. I see breasts like this and think “Those are enormous.” It’s at those moments that I see what (I guess) other people see: really, really outsized breasts.

4 thoughts on “Big/Not Big

  1. I used to be a 30H and i felt EXACTLY the same. I never EVER used to consider myself as big-brested, its only now, that im a 30D that I look at my old bras and think WOW…seriously was I that big ? haha, but I still don’t consider anyone under a 30H as big-breasted. Its weird isnt it 😀 I guess its all relative !!!

  2. It’s funny, I’ve had almost this same conversation with my in-laws. My husband had told them about my blog and my issues finding clothes/bras here and they were like, but… you’re not that big! I certainly look smaller after weight loss and I don’t feel that big but compared to the average I guess I am? I don’t think that I’m actually that big but it’s more that so many women aren’t wearing the correct bra size that it’s hard to really tell. I’m guessing an H cup would be a lot more common if all the women in the world were refitted tomorrow. 😉

    • I think a well-fitted bra makes breasts visually smaller. When I bought my first Empreinte, my partner said it made me breasts look smaller than they did both without a bra and with my old contour bras.

      In my opinion, a good bra moves the breasts to the front of the body and holds them there, and to the eye that reads as “smaller”. Also, most people have the idea that H is HUGE, mostly because nude models lie about their bra sizes.

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