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Big/Not Big

My bra size is currently a 32H. People are often shocked when they hear this, because we’re supposed to think of H cup as so very large. And I guess it is very large. I just don’t think of my breasts as large, most of the time. I mean, rationally, yes, I realize that they are large, but I don’t think of them that way when I’m not actually thinking about them.

It has been many, many years since I could look down and see my feet or the ground. When I look down, I see boobs. It’s a pretty nice view, really. But from the top, they don’t actually look very big. The view from here doesn’t reveal their size.  Even in the mirror, though, they don’t really seem large. Maybe I’m just used to them? They grew this way gradually, after all.

It is when I see a photo, either of me, or of a woman with breasts the same size, that I really understand that my boobs are big. I see breasts like this and think “Those are enormous.” It’s at those moments that I see what (I guess) other people see: really, really outsized breasts.

New Bras!

I am a college student, living on a tight budget, and I am therefore always looking for a bargain. Fortunately, once one knows what sizes and styles of bra one likes, it’s easy to find high-end bras discounted online. Not always as deeply discounted as one likes, but every once in awhile, you can find a really good deal.

This week I found a few very good deals on eBay, and I am excitedly looking forward to their arrival. I do need more bras (my bra wardrobe is very small) and I am a person who is easily pleased by pretty, functional things.

Once they arrive I’ll review them here. I just couldn’t help posting a little blurb to share my excitement 🙂

matchy matchy

The bloggers at Busts4Justice posed the question: must underpants match the bra? Are non-matching underpants a faux pas? My answer to both questions is an unequivocal “no!”

I was really concerned about my underpants matching my bra in junior high, but I got over that right quick. What I want in a bra for everyday wear is different from what I want in underpants. There’s absolutely no reason they must match. Of course, if you really like matching all the time, and you can afford a collection of underpants to match your bras (no easy feat for those of us in large cup sizes) then go for it. It’s a matter of personal choice.

I live in a hot, humid climate, so for everyday wear, like with jeans or trousers, I stick with cotton underpants. Under skirts, I prefer boyshorts,  as they add modesty but don’t show a pantyline (also, I just love boyshorts.) I choose my daily bra according to my needs that day, usually related to what shirt I am wearing, and where that bra is in rotation.

As for underpants, I buy them in colors I like, which usually means a lot of basic black, and then a riot of whatever other colors are available in my size the day I shopped.

I would especially never say that a person’s personal choice about underwear is a faux pas. There is no etiquette about matching underwear, no standard social convention. The reason for this, of course, is that your underwear is your own business!

Welcome to My Curves!

“My Curves” is my new blog about life with a curvy body.  There’s not much here yet but I will be adding posts and photos!

So, why “My Curves”?

– I really believe that a well-fitting bra and well-fitting clothes can change the way a woman feels about her body.

– I am a woman with a pretty extreme curve to my body. My waist is significantly smaller than my bust and my hips. This makes finding clothes very difficult!

– I have enjoyed and benefited from some other blogs for curvy women, and I want to join that community and also, I haven’t seen a woman in that group facing my particular fit issues (not that she doesn’t exist, I just haven’t seen her yet!) So in case there are other women like me looking for guidance or inspiration or just support, I made this blog.